Read through our frequently asked questions below, it might save you a phone call!

Can you do a design?

Yes, we can provide and offer a 2D design on our landscaping projects, this would have a deposit amount, this is payable on the first meeting, which would go towards your fee payments, design fee starting from £300+ vat, final price will be depending on the complexity of the project!
We would take measurements and pictures from the current garden and have a brief discussion what you like to achieve, at this point we can make any suggestions / recommendations to create the future design and garden to suit your needs!

What are your payment terms?

On all our projects we take a £250 deposit upfront, which will go towards your payments and a 50% payment starting construction, then a final payment to be settled on completion! Please note, that all extra work requested will come with an extra charge!

The estimated price will include everything that is essential to build your project. This includes all materials, rubbish removal, and labour. Please note that the deposit paid is not refundable if you change your mind and decide not to go ahead with work!

What about your estimates/site consultations? Can you provide an estimate if I send you a few pictures of the garden?

Most of the time yes!

We have a wide range of experience in this field, so most of the time we be able to give you an estimated price bracket on your project over the phone after a brief conversation or we could also do this via emails if you send us over some descriptions and a few pictures of your current garden! After these conversations if you like to discuss this further, we can arrange a site visit consultation as and when suitable for you and give you professional advice and ideas on your future project with us, then we can book you into our diary!

Are you insured?

Garden Hoppers is insured by Churchill

Public liability: £1,000.000 Employer’s liability: £10,000.000

What happens if the garden project cost more than my available investment?

The project sometimes can be separated into stages to break up costs so you can prioritise the areas you want to complete in order to remain within your investment. Sometimes there are projects where we won’t be able to break into stages due to the complexity of the plans and the given circumstances.

Can I change my design once the work started?

We like to have the garden that you desire, and changes or additions may become apparent as the work progresses. We will happily make suggestions; discuss your requests or changes.

These changes may/will come with an extra charge.

Our average value garden projects between £15.000-£25.000

Do we have to organise skips and materials for the project?

No, we will organise everything for you.

How long will it take to build the garden project?

It’s always difficult to answer this question. It will depend on the level of complexity and the skills to require completing the projects. Also, the weather conditions can stop the works like heavy rainfall etc…

Where are you based?

We are based in Worcester.

Are you Vat registered?


What is your lead time in your diary?

Normally our lead time is 1-2 months in advance depending on the current season but if we can fit your project in earlier we will always let you know!